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Glow in the Dark Slumber Party!!

We had this party back on January 10th but it has taken me forever to bounce back from starting school again. The first week back is always exhausting and I never feel like doing anything!

Eve wanted to have a slumber party this year and I figured this would be the last year she could do it for awhile because once girls hit junior high, they become too clicky to party together. She invited 10 girls this year and 9 came!! Last year we invited 10 girls and only 4 showed up, I guess it was a good thing to wait until after Christmas break was supposed to be over so more girls would be able to come.

Here are my best instructions on how to plan an awesome glow in the dark slumber party. PLAN AHEAD and get glow stuff after halloween on clearance or at the Dollar Tree. Although, you will get a better deal on stuff after halloween.

You're Invited: I don't like buying invitations because they are something that is usually thrown away by people (along with cards, wrapping paper, etc.) so we designed our own. I found this one I liked on Etsy and modeled ours after it. I designed it on the Open Office program on my computer. I downloaded a font called "billo dream" from here. I tried to use the brightest colors I could and I thought they turned out cute. They only cost me the paper to print them on and ink.

The papers are covering our address and phone numbers!!
Everybody Loves Cake: I had a friend make the fabulous cake. Her cakes are delicious!! Eve and I searched Pinterest and found this cake we liked and emailed it to my friend. There are tons of cakes for glow parties on Pinterest but she loves paint splatter so that's what we chose. We didn't need multiple tiers and we wanted square. Eve picked out the colors and we loved how it turned out.

It's Game Time: As for games we only played on just for the fun of it. I found online (I don't remember where) a sticky note game. Basically each team picks a person to put the sticky notes on, the team gets a pad of sticky notes and they must stick them all over their person. First team to finish wins. I got neon colored sticky notes at the Dollar Tree so they would glow under a blacklight. I also found a game where you hang black paper on the wall and let the party goers splatter it with paintbrushes and Tide detergent with whiteners. Evidently it will glow under the black light! We decided not to try it. The girls were happy just talking and playing Truth or Dare. 

My floor after the sticky note game!
Snacks are Good: For snacks, I got chips and Christmas marshmallows (on clearance and they glowed). I put them in clear bowls that I borrowed from my moms church. We connected 2 glow bracelets to put under all of the bowls to help them glow. Another clear bowl contained a TON of glow bracelets (Dollar Spot at Target) and some SweetTart candy canes (clearance from Christmas). We also had a bowl full of glow in the dark hair spray (clearance from Halloween) and glow in the dark face make up (also clearance from Halloween). I put a plastic white tablecloth down (Dollar Tree) and on top of it a table runner made of green tulle (Christmas clearance from Hobby Lobby). Unfortunately, the table runner didn't glow but it was still cute. My husband cut open a glow stick and made glow drops all over the tablecloth (and my sink and the floor). As for plates to eat on I found some neon clear plastic plates at Hobby Lobby. They were expensive ($7.99 before the coupon) but they did glow. The napkins were white with bright dots, the white was the only part that glowed.

Here you can see the bowl with the hair spray and face make up in it. You can also see the glow bracelets under the bowl. 
Hubby's fingers after he splattered the glow juice everywhere.
Bowls with bracelets in them, along with the plates and other stuff.
Without the night setting on my tablet. You can see the splatters better here.
With flash to see how the table was set up.
Nothing Like Freebies: As for goodie bags, I think at age 11 they were just too old for them but we did them anyway. I had white lunch sacks that we wrote their name on in orange highlighter so the names would glow. Inside the bag was glow in the dark shoestrings from Dollar Tree, a glow stick (clearance from halloween), bright colored silly straw (Family Dollar), glow in the dark vampire teeth (clearance from halloween), glow in the dark hair extensions (Dollar Spot at Target), and a black and neon pencil. 

Picture Please: We bought a huge back drop from Party City and hung it in the living room so they could do a photo booth. I only got one picture because I basically let the girls do their own thing. 

Happy 11th Birthday!!
Background pic from Party City.
Liar Liar Pants on Fire: We tried to make glow bubbles by pouring glow juice from a glow stick into the bubbles but the glow juice is heavier than the bubble juice and it would never actually mix. It looked like a glow in the dark lava lamp, lol. The bubbles would no glow :( I had found this idea on Pinterest and it is a lie!! 

Lying liar!!
I Scream, You Scream: Last year we had an ice cream sundae bar and Eve wanted something similar. It was a mess last year and I was not into messes this year so we just got vanilla ice cream, different kinds of sprinkles, vanilla and chocolate marshmallow bits, and chocolate syrup. 

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza: I also wasn't up for cooking like I did last year so this year we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. We got in on a 1/2 off pizza deal where I got 5 pizzas and 1 order of breadsticks (for me!!) for only $35. Hardly anyone ate it at first but it helped give snacks all night long since we ran out of chips early.

As for the blacklights, we bought 3 blacklight bulbs for my dining room fan. It wasn't very bright and I wish now that I would have bought the bigger light instead. We put a single bulb in Eve's room and it worked but her bedroom is smaller than the dining room. She also had a handheld blacklight that she carried around that we got at the pet store when we bought some spray to deter cats from going potty in certain areas (some days I really hate cats!!). 

I'm glad we got to have this party. Most of the girls had fun, there was only a little drama. For me, my night was spent in my room watching random shows on Netflix.

Besides the Tide paint splatter that we didn't do, I also had out glow in the dark fingernail polish that the girls didn't use. I also found glow in the dark bead bracelet kits at the Dollar Spot (Target) and only about 1/2 made bracelets. There's tons of stuff out there to do for a glow party, you just have to look around and get creative!!

It is easier to have a glow party if you are planning one ahead of time so you can get lots of stuff after halloween super cheap. I think most of my clearance stuff was 75% off. 
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