Thursday, January 9, 2014

Indiana, blah

I am sick of winter!!

This weather is stupid. We got several inches of snow on Sunday, which I mentioned before. Then Monday and Tuesday brought temps below 0, just dumb. We didn't have school all week. It would normally be cool to miss some school but 4 days (Tuesday-Friday) is a bit much. I want kids to be safe but if I don't work, I don't get paid. 

This was Tuesday, the warmer of the two days!
On top of all this fun, late last night we heard a weird noise under the house. Turns out the pipe to the outside spigot had burst (stupid below 0 temps). We had let our faucets drip for 3 days but not much we can do about that one. We ended up having to call the city to come out and turn our water off. While waiting for them to come out I was filling several water bottles with water so we could brush our teeth, have drinking water, and wash our hands. Hubs took the day off from work today to fix the problem. He went down into our basement (really just a deep crawl space) and it was filled with water. GREAT!! He had to get a pump to pump the water out before he could even fix the burst pipe. So here it is, almost 24 hours after the water was turned off and I still don't have water. It will need to be turned back on tomorrow because I will be hosting 7 little girls for a slumber party and they will need to potty and such lol.

Today was supposed to be my day to prepare for the party. I needed to vacuum, mop, and hand wash dishes (which is the chore I hate but the dishwasher is also frozen). I tried to vacuum but the electricity flickered off due to the pump running. So, no vacuuming! No vacuuming means no mopping. No water means no dishes. Ugh!!

Instead of those chores, we got everything ready for the party so tomorrow I can vacuum, mop, and do dishes. 

I will post pics of our awesome birthday party when it is over. We are having a glow in the dark slumber party. 

Have a good weekend!!

BTW: Just found out that our little town is having some water issues and the whole town might lose water tomorrow. Hope that doesn't happen because this girl needs a shower!!

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