Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow day!!

My county in Indiana has been officially deemed a blizzard area. Yesterday, we got 13.5 inches of snow and then overnight the wind was horrible. Most businesses are closed today and some are even closing tomorrow. We didn't have school today anyway but we were supposed to start back up tomorrow and school has already been cancelled. It's good that I get to stay in my jammies another day BUT it is a day that we will have to make up. 

Today and tomorrow we are having stupid freezing temps. Today's temp is -12 with a windchill of -38!! I am spending my day in my bed with Eve and the cat and my Edenpure heater. Tomorrows temps are supposed to be warmer but not supposed to go over 0. 

I hate winter. I hate snow. So, how does someone that hate's winter and show spend their cabin fever time inside? They plan their next Disney vacation, obviously!!

We are going over Fall break again and this time daddy get's to go too. We are looking to stay at a Deluxe this time to fit all 5 of us in one room. Last time we had 5 people we did 2 value rooms but I am not looking to go back to value ever again. I would do Art of Animation suites but those are never included with the free dining and we LOVE FREE DINING!! My husband has never been when we have had free dining and this will be a whole new experience for him. He will get to order steak for dinner and I won't even complain :)

I think we will stay at Boardwalk Inn. The rooms hold 5 people, it is Xander's dream resort, there is easy access to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot, and we like a lot of restaurants in that area (ESPN). I have even read that I can request a room with an Epcot view, which would be a dream for us. 

Have you ever stayed at the Boardwalk? What did you think about it?

Now for a Disney confession: I have been to Walt Disney World 20+ times and have never seen the Enchanted Tiki Room. 
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