Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Three: Field Day

Thursday Three

Special "Field Day" Edition

We had field day at school last week. I worked the water station for 750+ elementary aged students. We had balloon tosses, sponge races, and sprayed them with the hose. It was a beautiful day for outdoor fun but I lost some things along the way....

The three things I lost at Field Day:

1.  My sunglasses. A student stepped on them. In classic kid style, instead of walking around the pile that was my jacket, sunscreen, and sunglasses she walked right on top of it. UGH

2.  My sunscreen. A kid took it. Lucky for me I had a few more bottles in my purse.

3.  My dignity. I was horribly sunburned. It was awful. I put sunscreen on my arms, face, neck, and chest 7 times, so that looked good. I only put it on my legs 3 times and they were bright red. I am an idiot and I looked like one!!

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