Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disney window decorations

Today, if all goes as planned we are at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This is usually a half day park for us because Eve doesn't like to watch shows (neither do I, really), so who knows what the afternoon will hold for us!!

Back in July when school was out and I was off work, I started working on decorations for our windows. If you remember, I have 2 value resort rooms for my 5 people so I have 2 windows to decorate.

In the past, we have bought Disney Halloween window clings to decorate the windows but I wanted this year to be something special. I scoured Pinterest and found some great free printables for window banners. Pinterest has so many choices. It was hard to narrow it down and not make the banners too busy.

To start, I will tell you that I printed everything on card stock except for the initials on our banners. If not for card stock these would all be floppy.

Up first is the banner. I got the banner pieces here and cut them out (obviously). There were pink ones for Minnie Mouse but I wanted mostly everything to be red and Eve doesn't like pink. I personalized them with our first initials, not full names because that's not safe for children, by typing the letters on Word with the font "Minnie" that I downloaded free online. I made them pretty big (175 size, I think) and printed, then cut them out. I glued them on the mickey head with just a glue stick. As for the bow for the girls, I got it here, cut it out and glued it on with a glue stick. 

The "girls" got these cute balloons. The boys didn't get them for 2 reason, one is that my boys don't really care for balloons and the other is that they were a b**** to cut out!! I even left the white in the middle because I was done cutting by then. I had to trace the strings with black Sharpie because they were kind of light. 

Girls also got Minnie Mouse circles that I found here.

The boys got these cute Mickey circles. One polka dot and one stripe for each boy.

I thought "body parts" would be cute. So, I searched on Pinterest and found Mickey ones here. I had a hard time finding the Minnie "parts" but finally found them using Google images. I searched "Minnie body parts." When I clicked the link, Minnie's parts weren't there, so I right clicked on the image on Google and saved it to my hard drive. I then printed it from there. 

The next images came from a sticker page that you can print at home. They are kind of tiny but super cute. They were meant to be printed on sticker paper but I printed them on card stock and cut them on the gray lines that surround each pic. I got the images here.

The last two items are Halloween themed. We will be going in October so we like to decorate for the holiday.

The first one is candy corn with Mickey Ears that I got here. These print blank so you have to color them in yourself. For yellow, I used a yellow permanent marker that I got at the Dollar Tree and the orange is from my daughters Crayola Markers. Black ears were colored with a black Sharpie. I am not very good at coloring, so you can see the lines but I really don't care.

The last one came from a Disney licensed poster. I saved the poster to my computer and then cropped out everything else but the pumpkin. Again, the poster is Disney licensed, here it is:

Here are the pumpkins:

And here is the final product. Aren't they super cute?

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