Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Pack the Perfect Disney Park Bag

Since this is my Walt Disney World travel week, I have decided to post only about Walt Disney World. Today is day 2 in the series. 

Yesterday, I talked about picking the perfect bag for Walt Disney World, you can read it here. Today, I will be helping you pack that perfect bag.

Packing the perfect bag depends on the person and/or family. I do not have small children so you will not find diapers, bottles, extra clothes, etc. in my bag. I believe in traveling light (to the parks anyway) because you don't want to be weighed down all day. The only thing that will accomplish is making you exhausted with the extra weight you are carrying, no fun in the Florida heat and long park days.

So, if you are a family, couple, or a single these are the best things to have in your bag:

1.  Cell Phone. I list this first because you are going to need it to view reservations, take pictures, change FP+, etc.

2.  Gum. DISNEY DOES NOT SELL GUM. If you are a gum chewer, like I am, then buy some at home before you leave and make sure you have it in your bag.

3.  Maps and time guides. Pretty self-explanatory. 

4.  First Aid Kit. You don't need much besides a few Bandaids. I carry a small tin (directions to make here) with Bandaids, Neosporin, and some Advil. Very lightweight.

5.  Wallet. I'm not sure why people seem to think that with the introduction of the MagicBand that you don't need your wallet anymore but this certainly isn't true. Why would you ever go anywhere without your drivers license? I carry a super small wallet with my ID, a credit/debit card, $40 or so in cash, and my insurance card. MagicBands fail, some vendors/carts only take cash.

6.  Snacks. I understand that we get 1 snack per day with the dining plan but I certainly don't want to waste perfectly good credits on pretzels when you can get cupcakes, ice cream, and candy. For this reason I order groceries from Garden Grocer and get pretzel sticks, peanuts, and Cheez-its. I then make everyone a snack baggie in the a.m. and they can eat whenever they need a snack.

7.  Ponchos. Buy from the dollar store, you never know when it will rain in Florida.

8.  Sunscreen. Even if it's raining, the sun in Florida is harsh.

9.  Anti-bacterial hand gel. Public bathrooms are gross, even the ones at Walt Disney World.

Also, some extra recommendations: Hair ties (try finding non-princess hair ties for a 10yr old girl with thick hair at DTD and you will understand why I add this), jacket (we go in the fall and the mornings are chilly), camera (we use our phones and Memory Maker but some carry cameras), and baggies (to keep phones dry during rain). 

What do you like to put in your Disney park bag?

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