Friday, October 24, 2014

DIY Mickey tie dye shirt

Today we are at Walt Disney World. Since this week is full of Disney posts, I added this one.  

Part of our summer fun list this year was tie dye. Eve and I didn't know what to dye so we decided to make grandma a Mickey tie dye shirt for Disney World.

The kit that I bought was on the Dollar Spot at Target for $3. It came with pink and purple dye. The t-shirt is Danskin brand from Walmart, I think it was also $3. I wanted a nicer shirt and one with a women's style as opposed to the big baggy shirts that most people dye.

We followed the directions on the package for what to do step by step. Make sure that you put newspapers down on your surface, wear old clothes, and use the gloves they give you.

The first thing I did was to find a Mickey head online and print it to the size that I wanted. I figured out a good placement for it and taped it down. I then traced it with pencil. This was mistake #1, after washing twice the pencil marks are still there. After I did the shirt, I read online to trace the Mickey head with washable  marker so it would wash out. I recommend that you try that one.

After tracing, I did mistake #2. I went around the Mickey head with double thickness thread. I read later to use dental floss. Pretty sure that would have worked a lot better because I had all kinds of trouble. My thread broke when I was pulling hard on the thread to pucker up the head. Also, I didn't get very clean lines after the dying process was done. Anyways.....after pulling the thread dye the Mickey head with 1 color (we chose purple) and wrap it with plastic wrap.

Insert lots of random pictures:

We then did a spiral pattern with the shirt and wrapped a ton of rubber bands around it. We then used pink dye on the shirt.

We wrapped the shirt in plastic and put it in a Walmart bag for the allotted time (again, follow manufactures directions).

I washed the shirt, per manufactures instructions and got a good final product. To fix my earlier mistake (#2), I put the Mickey head over the shirt in the proper area (after putting cardboard between the layers of the shirt) and traced around the head with a bleach pen to clean up the Mickey head.

It really helped give me a better result. I let the bleach sit on the shirt for a bit and then rinsed it out. I washed the shirt AGAIN and the end result was good.

Grandma liked her shirt and we think it is the perfect Disney shirt.

There are tons of tutorials (video and blog) on how to do a good tie dye online. I'm certain theirs looks better than mine but we still had fun with the process.

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  1. I have ALWAYS wanted tie dye Mickey shirts! These are awesome!