Monday, January 12, 2015


So, I disappeared for awhile. I think I am just bored and I'm not quite sure what to write about any more but I need to have something for myself so I will continue on.

I am not one of those "New Years Resolutions" kind of people. Why make promises that you know you won't keep? However, I did say that I needed to write more, so here I am.

Today we are stuck at home with ice and snow covering the roads. I was hoping to at least go to school with a 2 hour delay so I didn't lose my February break, but we now only have 1 day left of that break. Pretty sure I won't have that break. BOO!!

Since I am at home today I'm going to watch TV and do some laundry, maybe even read. I have been watching my favorite today, The Today Show, but they keep showing the same clips over and over again from last nights Golden Globes. Boring!!

Oh, and mentioning reading, I have decided to participate in a reading challenge that I found here. I think it is designed to read 50-52 books for the year (if you read all the books on the trilogy section) but I read my first book for the challenge (Lead by Kylie Scott, more on that later) which I counted as 4 on the checklist.  I checked off a book by a female author, a book with a one-word title, a book you can finish in a day (which I did), and a book set somewhere you have always wanted to visit (Oregon).

I have started on my 2nd book of the challenge, The Hobbit. It would be the book I've owned but never read and a book a the bottom of my to read list (it has been on my summer reading list for 2 years).

I'm hoping to bring back some fun days to the blog, like Book Review Wednesday and Thursday Three!!

Stay Tuned....

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